College Counseling


Work with me

Are you overwhelmed by all the college information out there? 

Is your child feeling the pressure of getting into the perfect college? 

You’ve come to the right place. 

One of my missions in life to make college accessible and affordable for all students. 

I’ve worked with students for the past 10 years in admissions, career guidance, financial aid and college counseling. 

The problem is that there are not enough high school counselors. Some public schools have one college counselor for 500 students. It’s impossible for students to get the individualized support they need.

I only work one on one with students and their families to guide them through the college application and financial aid process. 

Every student brings different grades, SAT/ACT scores, activities, interests, and passions. I create an individual plan that takes away the stress and overwhelm.

During your consultation we will discuss your families specific questions. We will look at what sets your child apart and how to create a college application that highlights all their strengths. 

Together we work on:

  • Managing deadlines 
  • Customizing a college list
  • Brainstorming the personal statement 
  • Drafting and editing
  • College interview prep
  • Common Application 
  • UC/Cal States Application 

As a bonus, students will learn 

  • To manage the stress and anxiety of school
  • Navigate peer pressure
  • Recognize their feelings and communicate effectively 
  • Develop academic confidence 
  • Be more resilient when problem solving